Home Organization Tips

home-improvements-040It is easy to become overwhelmed by clutter, especially in today’s commercially driven society. With children’s rooms, offices and garages often falling prey to this issue, home organization isn’t nearly as impossible a goal as you might have been led to think.

Considering the comfort and peace of mind a well-organized space can bring to the table, it is imperative that everyone inject the necessary effort into making their homes the welcoming and relaxing places they should be. Some tips that should prove particularly effective in organizing your home including the following:


If things keep piling up on tables, floors and all flat surfaces around you, it might be because so many of your items simply have no home. And the best way to ensure home organization is to make certain that every item in your home has a special place where it should be stored.

In fact, your are always encouraged to store items within the rooms where they are used. This way you can remember to put them away after using them. More importantly, make sure that those items you most frequently utilize are easy to store. If you have to climb the furniture to reach a high shelf each time you want to retrieve a bowl, the chances of you returning that bowl to its rightful place after use are low.


The simplest way to prevent items from piling up is to control the things you buy or bring into your home in the first place. Just because an item appeals to you for one reason or another doesn’t mean you have any use for it. By filtering the items you bring into your home based on their use, you can prevent unnecessary clutter.


Take the time to actually scrutinize your home, not only to determine how much clutter you have but the potential causes of the clutter. Some homes that might seem cluttered are simply disorganized. Understanding the state of your home, how and why it achieved its current state will go a long way in enabling you to make the necessary changes.


Home organization cannot be achieved by simply investing in organizational products. Many a homeowner has been known to fall into the trap of purchasing boxes and containers and bins that they intend to use in their efforts to organize the items in their home, boxes, containers and bins that pile up, further complicating matters. Before worrying about storage, consider doing some de-cluttering.


Avoid unnecessary duplication in your home. If you know for a fact that you do not need 17 coffee mugs, consider throwing away the excess. In fact, any time you buy something new, you are advised to throw away any other similar item that is old. By the time you choose to purchase a brand new flat screen TV, you must be ready to throw the old TV away.


Every once in a while it will do you some good to open all your drawers, dump the contents out and sort through them, categorizing them according to their purpose. You can put the drawers back once their contents have been organized.


The pantry is often ignored during home organization sessions; you are encouraged to scrutinize the contents of your pantry thoroughly. Throw away any expired items and take inventory of whatever is left. This will keep you from buying items that you already have or don’t need.

Performing de-cluttering and home organization regularly prevents small problems from exploding into more complicated matters.

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