When Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

If your windows no longer add aesthetic appeal to your house, protect it from the elements or are just annoying to operate, it may be time to consider new windows. A new set of windows will certainly upgrade your home’s look, enhance your comfort and help you save on energy bills. But if your budget is low, you certainly wouldn’t want to spend on replacement windows if it’s not necessary. Here’s how to determine if your Raleigh NC home could benefit from new windows. Windows won’t open or close smoothly Your windows may fail to operate smoothly due to several reasons. Perhaps the tracks are dirty and need a little cleaning to get rid of the accumulated grit. It could be that the hardware has malfunctioned or the sashes have been painted shut. In most cases, this kind of issue doesn’t require a new replacement. Cleaning the tracks can resolve the problem. But there could also be parts that need replacement. Rotten/out of shape window framing Window framing, especially if it is made from wood, is susceptible to moisture especially if it was poorly constructed. If you start noticing signs of rot or extensive damage on the window frames, it’s important to have it repaired. Take a screwdriver and poke the window frame. If you can see signs of moisture and decay, have it fixed immediately. Looking for replacement windows in Raleigh? Get in touch with us! Leaks or gaps in window frames, sash or dividers When you have any spaces in sashes, window frames or dividers, you’ll notice drafts of air rushing in and out through these gaps. This happens because of worn out weather stripping, loose sashes, decayed wood or because the caulking has peeled. This needs to be fixed immediately to save on your energy bill. Damaged window panes When you have cracks, scratches or chips on your window panes, repairs may not be the best solution. These forms of damage usually occur after a storm so ensure you inspect your windows when the storms end. Using abrasive cleaners can also expose the panes to cracks and chips. You can replace the window panes and deal with the issue once and for all. Damaged seals If you notice foggy condensation in between your window panes, there’s a high chance that the seals are destroyed. Seals are usually damaged by heat that causes contraction and expansion. Once destroyed, the seas promote condensation between panes. To deal with this problem, you’ll need to replace the pane or have a new sash installed. For more information in replacing windows and the best options available, contact us here at Coyote Sidings and Windows!