Raleigh Window Replacement

Know What You’re Looking For.

fVjvxTake the time to get educated about Raleigh Window Replacement. We understand that new windows are a big investment—one that you only want to make once. Learn about the different options available to you and how different brands compare.

Select the best replacement windows you can afford. Recent advances in window and glass technology and manufacturing offer you the advantages of less maintenance, long-term savings on energy bills, and increased resale value of your home. That’s money in the bank!

How to Tell if Your Windows Need Replacing?

You can almost always repair old windows, but there are some telltale signs that your windows need more than just restoration services. When you notice these signs, it’s not always worth the effort and expense to repair your windows.

Rot – Once rotting starts, it is quite difficult to stop unless you make an effort to replace the rotted wood and then maintain it regularly. Considering replacement is a great idea.

Sagging casement or crank-out windows – You can always replace worn-out crank mechanisms. However, bent or worn hinges replacements don’t always solve the problem. Getting new windows is your best option.

Fogged double-pane glass – The fogging between the glass panes can’t be fixed. Glass replacement is the only solution.

Hard-to-find replacement hardware – You may try calling the window manufacturer or local window dealer if you know the window brand and model number. Some hard-to-find parts might be available from online suppliers. But more often than not, installing new windows is the only option.

Which Types of Windows Are Best?

Choosing the right replacement windows can radically improve the appearance and feel of your zebulon-nc-featured-imghome. It can also help you save money on heating and cooling costs, and make your more comfortable.

Windows come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. Understanding the pros and cons of each type can help you to make a wise decision that results in real savings.

New windows can always be custom made to any specification for any purpose. However, some shapes and designs are standard.

Window glass can be double or triple hung, and can include special features that can keep heat in or out. Shapes and styles can be traditional or custom-designed for specific purposes.

Replacement windows can be framed up with aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, or even combination of these materials. Remember that framing materials greatly affect the energy efficiency of replacement windows, as well as their cost.

Aluminum is the most affordable and offers a modern look, but also the least efficient. Fiberglass are very lightweight and have a clean look like aluminum, and comparable to wood in efficiency and cost. Wood framed windows are heavier and pricier than vinyl or aluminum.

Vinyl is by far the most popular choice for replacement windows as it is energy efficient, easy to maintain, and affordable. It also looks good with the vinyl siding that is featured on most homes these days.

You Have Options!

Go for custom-made windows. While standard-size windows cost less, they often require expensive cosmetic work to the outside of your home. Custom-made replacement windows offer long-term value, because they install quickly, look great and fit precisely (which means greater efficiency and lower energy bills).

Consider your design options. Replacement windows can significantly change and enhance the beauty, security, and energy efficiency of your home. From trim colors to grid options, glass types to window shapes, new windows can give your home a whole new look and level of comfort.

Why Choose Coyote?

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