Why Choose Vinyl Siding

Quality building construction is all about sound structure, proper insulation and energy efficiency. This is exactly what Vinyl siding has to offer. Proper insulation, energy efficient windows, doors and sealing of the various gaps in the home are the best way to avoid heat gain or loss depending on the season. Vinyl siding is made of a combination of PVC resign siding material and insulated foam backer made from closed-cell expanded polystyrene. The two materials paired together provide your home’s exterior with unmatched insulation protection to counter all kind of environmental elements. They also come in a variety of color options. Some of the proven benefits of vinyl sidings include: All season insulation No matter the heat of summer, the rainiest autumn or the coldest winter, vinyl siding is your energy efficient partner in tackling the challenge of thermal bridging. Thermal bridging often results in significantly higher costs of heating and cooling during the extremities of the hot or cold season. Vinyl siding can act as a great buffer and prevent unwanted energy transfer in and out of your home. You can save a lot of money by reducing your heating and cooling costs. Sound insulation Vinyl siding is also a great sound barrier. The foam-backing layer in particular improves the noise cancellation properties of the siding material. It can reduce unpleasant outside noise from entering your home. It also means you can carry on with your own activities without worrying much about causing a public disturbance. Increased impact resistance Vinyl is known to be a very durable and sturdy material that requires almost no maintenance at all as an exterior construction material. Together with polystyrene foam backing, the vinyl siding has even greater impact resistance. The foam backing is the buffer between the siding piece and the walls of the home. Any impact shock will be absorbed by the buffer. Pest resistant The polystyrene backing fills up all the space between the siding and the walls preventing any insects or vermin from getting space to crawl through or nest behind the siding. The material is not a great food source for pests such as termites and this prevents their populations from growing.  You can relax knowing that such pests cannot crawl through or nest up in the spaces between the siding and your home. No more pest control worries. Saves money Insulated vinyl siding cannot be damaged the sun’s rays, by rust or molds. It lasts a long time and it saves the homeowner the expenses of repainting the house regularly. When it comes to vinyl siding and window replacement in Raleigh NC, trust only Coyote Siding! Coyote Siding and Windows can fit your window and door needs by supplying free in-house estimates, quality merchandises, and entire setup with total service and guarantee.