Raleigh Home Additions

A Raleigh home addition is one way to get more use out of your house and can be a financially accountable alternative to going out and buying a larger home. Home additions like these add value to a home and will definitely pay off down the road when it comes time to market. Improvements that most of our customers look at are functional projects that balance current needs with incorporating value to your dwelling for the near future. That is to say, to really get bang for your buck, we suggest making an improvement something that you can use and not just throwing some additional heated space on for resale value. This is your home and you want maximum enjoyment and use out of every dollar spent in the current economy.


Garage Expansions.

home renovationsThere are many advantages to a garage addition. This is a comparatively straightforward addition, without need for completed flooring, drywall or another conveniences that will be vital for an indoor space. Garages don’t need warming or cooling ducts, making them even simpler and much more cost effective to add. Homes with no garage, especially in an area where most other homes have one, can be hard to sell if a home is written off by potential buyers only for missing this frequent convenience.


Kitchen Expansions.

Kitchens are one of the top selling points for houses. A home using an enlarged kitchen may entice a purchaser’s focus and get noticed from other similar houses with more traditional, modest kitchens. Having a larger kitchen may also make food preparation and storage easier. Enlarging the kitchen is an excellent time to set up new “green” appliances like water-efficient dishwashers and low-power-use iceboxes. These appliances may make the homeowner entitled to a tax deduction and will reduce monthly utility invoices.


Bedroom Suite.

Realtors will typically list homes based on the number of bath rooms and bedrooms. Adding a bedroom, or including a bathroom to a current bedroom to form a guest suite, can create a home more appealing to potential buyers before they have even found the property. An additional bedroom also can help an expanding household. With a reduced-interest do-it-yourself loan to develop a bedroom addition is also a cost-effective option to getting a larger dwelling once children are aged enough to have their own room.


Coyote is the Best Choice!

Coyote Siding and Windows is the neighborhood house addition expert for all Raleigh NC home addition projects. From setting up a garage into a new bedroom to a full-blown improvement to your home that doubles your living space, call Coyote for a detailed and very competitive estimate. Every company says it, but we truly mean it – we treat you like family.